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What software should I use to watch your content?
Make sure you use the newest internet browser versions like mostly recommended FireFox, Internet Explorer or Opera as long as the newest movie watching software - we recommend a free VideoLAN - VLC media player (known for playing video files that can't be played on other video players) Windows Media Player to maximize your viewing pleasure. Also, you could try watching movies with cool DivX player, that comes together with a free DivX video codec to watch our movies, which you may find on DivX website

To watch videos you not only need to have a video player software, you also need the right video codecs that are required to watch video files that were encoded with different encoders. The decoders that are needed to decode these video files are called video codecs. Audio codecs are needed when you want also hear the sound in videos you download.

*If you do not know what exact codecs you need to have installed in order to watch one or another video, you need to download a special free software called GSpot from

* and run it. Then open the downloaded video file under question and it will show what video and audio codecs you need to watch that video.

* Please follow to and download the required video codecs.

* You can download and install the big codec packs in advance so you will be able to watch almost all videos with sound without the need to find out which individual codecs are needed to watch one or another video. Codec packs can be downloaded for free from

We are not responsible for the software and codecs you use to watch the content we provide. Use them at your own risk!